Everything gluten free, all natural and handmade.  Never any preservatives, additives, artificial flavors or colors.  Just real, whole foods.  Simply made and always fresh – real is good.

We’re taking the junk out of junk food! We have a passion for making gluten free, organic, fresh, additive free candy and baked goods with the best possible(and fewest possible) ingredients in small batches for great quality product.

Our sugar is unprocessed, only evaporated cane juice and raw agave are used in our marshmallows.  The ingredients are whole, the vanilla is from beans not from a bottle. All products are simple, no preservatives or artificial dyes.

We try to be very allergy conscious and all items are free of gluten, egg, dairy and any synthetic dye. Everything is made from whole products – this means fruit, herbs, spices and sometimes flowers are present in the finished products. Never any artificial flavors or additives; just real, good stuff.